22nd September 2023 – Stephen Campbell


The universal message of church bells is understood by every bellringer and accepted by most people even if they have never learned to ring. Bells call out for joy and for sadness, for warning and for celebration. It is also true that there is always a warm welcome for a visiting ringer. “Are you a ringer? Grab a rope. What would you like to ring?”

Now, on holiday, a new dimension has opened for me. Bells are very much part of the global proclamation of the risen Christ. Christianity is affirmed by bells – even if they are not ringable in the Western tradition! 

My holiday in Croatia has taken me to cities where bells are heard, albeit chimed in cacophony rather than rung! In the city of Trogir the cathedral bells sound across the city before all worship. They hang in a magnificent tower which is visible from the sea as well as from many viewpoints in the city. The bells aren’t rung full circle although it looks to me as if they could be. Here’s a picture of the bells. Is this a first for Thought for the Week?

So, whenever you suffer a moment of disappointment that the Stedman broke down again, rejoice that nonetheless our bells are a global witness that Jesus is Lord and there is salvation in none other.

Stephen Campbell