The Guild Low Week Annual Tour 2024 – 8th to 12th April

The annual Low Week Tour 2024 for Guild members, prospective members and friends is planned for Monday 8th April until Friday 12th April 2024.  Next year the tour will be centred in mid and east Devon although we may stray a little across county borders as the itinerary of towers is finalised early in the new year.

Usually, we aim to ring in some 5 or 6 towers per day: Tuesday to Thursday; with 3 towers on Monday afternoon as we arrive and probably a further 3 on the Friday morning before departing our various ways.  We may plan a relaxing excursion on one of the days…a small break from the ringing, for all to enjoy.  During the week we normally conduct evening prayer at the final church visited for the day (Tue to Thur) and on one evening the AGM of the Guild will be held.  There is also the possibility of including a quarter peal or full peal for the Guild as we feel able to do so and can manage.  We have also joined local tower practice evenings – as if some have not had enough during the day.  We ring in the course of the week something to suit all levels – so don’t be daunted by the fact that we are all expert and accomplished ringers – because the majority of us are not!  The week aims to be convivial, social, and enjoyable in each other’s company.

Pub or small hotel accommodation is being arranged in the vicinity of Tiverton although this will be somewhat limited and should you wish to join the ringing for a day or two, etc. then you will probably have to arrange your own accommodation should it be required.  We are seeking the best prices we can for accommodation although Devon is popular a holiday area – at virtually any time of the year.  We also make tower donations and from Tuesday to Thursday, we quite often arrange small coach travel between towers.

Do contact Jon Rose (07969 008091) or Tim Hawkings (01225 684908) should you require more details or have any queries, likely costs, and/or about the tour in general.