20th October 2023 – Chris Marshall


A few weeks ago, just short of my 91st birthday, I stood on the summit of Snowdon. Of all the 14 ascents of Snowdon I have done, in all weathers and times of year, this was the first by train, steam-hauled. Sadly, I am no longer up to making the ascent on my own two feet, although, of course, I had to get up the last bit from the station to the Trig Point under my own steam – which I found challenging enough!

Anyway, this modest ascent was cause for a little celebration, my sons and a grandson having brought up some champagne. We all had our photograph taken standing round the Trig Point, glasses of bubbly in hand.

I felt like St Peter who on the Mount of Transfiguration said that it was good to be there – I, too, felt it was ‘good to be there’ on the summit of Snowdon again. 

Yes, a modest ascent but for me worth a little celebration because all achievements, great or small, are worth celebrating. For example, in our Ringing World, a Quarter of Bob Doubles for a beginner is just as worth celebrating as is a peal of Spliced Maximus in a vast number of methods.

So my simple thought this week is that life is enhanced if we celebrate achievements whether they be great or small.

Chris Marshall