24th November 2023 – Simon White


So, as I dutifully write my reflection for this week, I’m thinking of what’s just past and what lies ahead. What could I possibly reflect on? Well, I have just participated in this year’s Remembrance service and in a few weeks, we will be into Advent and then Christmas. Nothing that on the face of it would easily segue into the other, and yet, I’m reminded of those half muffled bells we rang for Remembrance, those same bells that had rung out in joy to declare Armistice day in both 1918 and 1945, bells that had fallen silent during those war years, that had waited patiently and expectantly for their time to ring out the good news of peace, and goodwill to all of humankind. The same bells that again lay in eerie silence over the pandemic some 80 years later, awaiting the horrors of Covid to be tamed and subside, just waiting to tell us all that all was well, goodwill and peace to all of humankind.

Waiting is also part of the season of Advent when we are encouraged as followers of Christ to wait patiently with expectant hearts, to wait for the one who will bring peace to the world, a peace we so desperately need at this time, and we are told his name is Emmanuel, God with us, Jesus, and when he comes many a heart will ring out in joy, like our bells, singing peace and goodwill to all of humankind.

So, I pray that over this Advent season and into Christmas you too find peace and goodwill in the one who is to come.

Rev Canon Simon White

Rector of Morpeth & Priest in Charge of Stannington